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[fic] Few Firsts VIII 
12th-Jun-2012 12:05 pm
Title: A Few Firsts VIII – Eighteen Months, Two Months
Author: chibinecco
Universe/Series: ST: XI
Rating: Adult/NC-17
Relationship status: Established
Word count: ~4,500
Plot: angst, crack, drama, h/c, humor, fluff, family, mpreg, telepathy
Warnings: mpreg
Summary: A few milestone firsts in Sochya's life as Kirk and Spock begin preparations for expanding their little family even more.
Notes: Sequel series to Due Dates, A RP with chibinecco and diane_kepler. Each installment is completely stand alone, but a collection of them can be viewed here.
I should be letting this sit so I can edit it properly, but I feel I've let it sit long enough already. Please point out any glaring mistakes you notice.

Jim sighed happily, snuggling down into Spock's tight embrace. "Mmm, that was wonderful. I think we're getting better at this whole parenting thing."

"Indeed." Spock's hand stroked possessively over Jim's stomach. Firm muscle beneath a layer of soft padding, Jim pressed his belly up into his mate's touch.

"Again? I'm not sure I've got another round in me." Jim yawned, though his cock twitched persistently.

A rumbling growl issued from low in Spock's chest as he leaned over, beginning to nip over Jim's skin, making his way steadily down.

Lips wrapped around soft, sensitive flesh, Jim moaning and jerking as his nerves sung and complained at the extra treatment so soon.

A piercing cry as Va'es woke up at the inevitable wrong time, followed by Sochya wailing.

"Daddy! Va'es, loud! Da-aaddyy!"

"Your attention is needed elsewhere."

Jim chuckled, tangled fingers dragging Spock's head up for a quick kiss as he climbed out of bed. "Hold that thought, T'hy'la." Jim gave a squeeze to one of his favorite parts of his bond mate. "I'll be back, shortly."

Spock watched him go, hand moving languidly over his cock as his mate stumbled backward out of their bedroom.

"So shortly. We will continue this."

"I await your return."

Jim bumped his elbow as he forced himself to turn around in a rush to take care of the cries from the other room.


A short while later, Jim collapsed face first into the bed. "We are not getting better at this."

Spock pressed the back of one fist between Jim's shoulder blades, running his knuckles along Jim's spine. "You are a wonderful, 'Dad,' T'hy'la."

"I'm glad one of us thinks so." Jim sighed happily into the massage. "That's good." Turning onto his back, Jim threw an arm over his face. "Half the time, I feel like I'm in over my head; then I see one of them smile at me, and none of that matters anymore."

Pressing a kiss to Jim's temple, Spock's hand slid possessively over his mate's belly again. Fingers kneading the flesh around Jim's navel, Spock let out a low hum.

Jim chuckled. "It's vacant at the moment."

"A pity." Spock said blandly.

"You know, it wouldn't have to be." Rolling to face Spock, Jim pressed their hands flat across his abdomen.

"You do not wish to take the time to recover 'your girlish figure,' prior to gestation this time?"

Jim shrugged. "I'm starting to realize I like having kids more than I like being my old, super-sexy self."

Spock kissed him, pressing Jim deep into the bed. When he broke away, they were both hard and gasping.

"Certainly helps when the thought of me pregnant gets you this hot and bothered."

Spock agreed softly, his cock beginning to rock gently against his mate's hip.

"Let's talk to McCoy, tomorrow. It's been about two months since I gave birth to Va'es. We'll see what he says."


"It is not any fault of yours that Yeoman Rand does not appeal to Va'es."

"I know, but I just wish there were something I could do. Sochya just adored her immediately."

"Sochya is more social than Va'es. Indeed, he is more social than the majority of vulcan offspring."

"I doubt that T'hy'la," Jim murmured, leading the way into the daycare to retrieve their sons.

"However, the mater is irrelevant. Other members of the crew volunteered their services as babysitters, so it is unnecessary to ask Va'es spend more time than he is comfortable with Yeoman Rand," Spock said as Sochya barreled into Jim's shins, forcing an exaggerated 'wuff' from his mate.

"Hey, Sweetie, You ready for your sleepover with Uncle Sulu and Uncle Chekov?"

Sochya nodded eagerly. "Daddy, when does baby get here?"

Jim laughed. "If everything goes well, about nine months from now, okay?"

Sochya nodded again. "How long is nine months?"

"Um... It's 36 weeks."

Sochya gave him a puzzled look before Spock came to the rescue.

"Until you gain the ability to regulate your internal clock appropriately, Sochya, it is one half your current age again."

"But that's forever."

"Oh, hush, it's not that long," Jim teased, groaning loudly as he lifted Sochya up. "You're getting so big, Now, come on, where's your brother? It's time to go."

"He had nap-time. Over there." Sochya pointed to where Rand was approaching with a silently squirming Va'es.

The look of completely neutral disdain on his face almost made Jim laugh. Whatever reasons Va'es disliked Rand, he was stiffly complacent about the whole affair, until his father took him back. Then, Va'es calmed immediately, cooing softly and going back to sleep.

"Sorry, Sir. I don't know why we can't seem to get along."

"It is of no consequence, Yeoman. Your care is adequate."

"That's supposed to be a compliment." Jim said, grinning at the mild consternation on Rand's face. "Anyway, thanks again for your hard work. We should get going though. Say goodbye to Maras, Sochya."

"Bye-bye, Maras."

Maras gave a distracted wave from where she was hard at work on something, it looked vaguely like she was reinventing the suspension bridge to Jim.

"Your mom should be by to pick you up soon. Scotty's got her working late down in engineering."

"Okay." She gave another distracted wave.


"Hello!" Chekov squealed, clapping happily before holding his arms out for Sochya who was more than happy to accept hugs from anyone and everyone who offered. "Please, be coming in. In." He said, stepping back to let them inside.

The room's second occupant hovered farther back. Sulu had been reluctant to offer to babysit, even just one night, but Chekov had insisted, and Spock had accepted. After officially tying the knot about two years prior, Chekov had immediately started asking Sulu when they would start having kids of their own. Sulu --like many hot-blooded, human males-- had promptly panicked.

It was still a topic of heated debate between them, but a truce had been declared when McCoy, of all people, had pointed out this could be an opportunity for the two of them to assess just how ready for parent-hood they were.

"Thanks again for looking after them." Jim smiled, keeping a careful hand on Sochya's back as Chekov cooed. "We're just a comm call away if you need us, and remember: Va'es gets colic if you don't remember to heat up his milk, Sochya likes to sleep-"

"Jim. Relax." Sulu had an amused look on his face as he gave Jim's arm a squeeze. "We can handle it, I promise. They're in good hands."

"Of course. You're right. Oh, and Sochya likes to sit in your lap if you read to him, but if you read to both of them he likes to hold Va'es himself."

"I know. Relax. Spock wrote a whole briefing about it. Pavel's been reviewing it constantly the last 48 hours. I swear he probably knows more about them than you do at this point."

"Hikaru! No, no. I do not- You are good fathers to be worrying about your Malysh, your babies."

Jim laughed. "Okay, okay. We're going. Just... Take good care of them." Jim leaned in, pressing a kiss to Sochya's forehead who gave him a quick hug before returning to Chekov's arms, so they could leave.

Sulu watched to door close with some anxiety, Va'es asleep in a carrier in one hand; an enormous care bag clenched in the other that Spock had handed him while Jim was busily worrying. He took a deep, calming breath and braced himself for the night ahead. "So, who's up for a game?"

"We are! We are!" Sochya said, clambering over Chekov's shoulder to get in on the action.


All the way to sickbay, Jim breathed slowly and carefully. Each inhale steady, each exhale even as they walked the corridors.

"Sochya and Va'es are in capable hands, Jim," Spock said quietly.

"I know, Spock." Jim's voice was hushed, nervous. "I know they are. I'm not worried about that, but I just... God, I wasn't this worked up when McCoy had to take care of Sochya during that mission, or when we conceived Va'es."

"Sochya was much older than Va'es. If you would feel more comfortable waiting-"

"No, no Spock. I want this."

"Very well." Spock brushed his fingers against Jim's as they came to Sickbay, sending feelings of warmth and courage to his mate through their bond.

"Evening, Gentlemen," McCoy said in passing on his way to checking up on a patient. "I'm afraid I'm busy right this second. Scotty managed to nearly kill someone experimenting with this flying deathtrap."

"Oi, now. I had good reason to do that," Scotty protested.

"You're an apotemnophiliac?" McCoy growled sarcastically.

"Yes- no... I... don't think I want to answer that question without legal counsel."

Jim laughed.

"Mister Scott, apotemnophilia is a desire to be an amputee. Most likely, 'The Good Doctor' implies you desire such a state for autoerotic reasons."

Jim laughed harder.

"You blasted hobgoblin. Go get Chapel to take care of your procedure. I'm busy," McCoy snarled.

"Alright, alright. No need to get your back up about it, Bones. We'll be out of your hair in a few minutes," Jim chirped, feeling much better for watching his two favorite people engage in the familiar banter.

A few minutes later, he and Spock were free to go.

"You two have fun."

Jim smirked, getting a wink from Chapel in return. "Oh, we will. Won't we, Spock."

"Indeed." Spock's voice held that huffiness it always did when Jim teased him in public.

"Come on, T'hy'la. Let's go make a baby."


Back with the babies, Sulu and Chekov were taking things in stride as they watched Sochya play while Va'es napped quietly.

Sulu smiled as he watched Chekov coo adorably at the sleeping infant until he felt a tug at his pant-leg. "Yes, Sochya?"

Sochya tugged again until Sulu leaned closer so he could whisper, "Uncle Sulu, I gotta go potty."

"Oh, is that all." Sulu stood up, lifting Sochya into his arms. "Chekov, we're gonna be right back."

"Take care of Va'es," Sochya ordered with a stern look that said there'd be hell to pay if anything happened to his little brother.

"I vill, Little Malysh." Chekov promised, as Sulu left and his charge began to wake.

In the bathroom, Sulu helped Sochya balance on the adaptive seat while he took care of things.

"Uncle Sulu?"

"Yes, Sochya?"

"What's a..." He squinted past Sulu's shoulder. "Mah-Sah-Moo-Nay."

Sulu looked behind him at a collage of Japanese swords; the katakana characters painted beside said 'Masamune.'

Accelerated vulcan learning aside, Sulu was amazed Sochya could read the ancient Japanese lettering. He hadn't realized Sochya could even read Standard. "Your pronunciation is very good. A long time ago, Masamune was a swordsmith from Japan. That's where I'm from."

Sochya nodded, making a quick face and squirming before asking, "Was it nine months ago?"

Sulu laughed. "No, closer to nine-hundred years. A very long time."

"Wow. I can't count that high."

"You wanna know a secret?"

"Yeah!" Sochya grinned.

""Neither can Uncle Chekov."

"Nuh-uh." Sochya crossed his arms.

"Yuh-huh," Sulu said, noticing Sochya was ready to get cleaned up. "He's so good at math that he's forgotten how to count really high. He does this weird thing with multiplication whenever he needs to get up there."


"Yep. Ask him sometime."

"Oh, I will." Sochya had so much of his dad in him.

"Okay." Sulu smiled at his determination, pulling little pants back up and helping the boy wash his hands before taking one and walking them back out to where Chekov was bouncing Va'es on his knees and speaking some bizarre language. It wasn't Russian, which Sulu could speak --without an accent half as thick as his husband's, he was proud to say.

"What's Uncle Chekov doing?" Sochya whispered loudly.

"I think he's trying to get your brother to smile," Sulu replied conspiratorially.

"Va'es doesn't smile. He's too weird for that."

"Ach. He is not veird. He is normal, happy Malysh."

"Pasha, you are the adorable love of my life, but I don't think-"

Va'es chose that exact moment to put in his two credits, spitting up across the front of Chekov's uniform.

"Ewww," Sochya whined, burying his face in Sulu's thigh.

"Here, I got it." Sulu reached out to accept the now crying infant as Chekov fled into the bedroom to change. Sitting down, Sulu found a case of wipes and made quick work of Va'es' accident. "There you go."

"Messy," Sochya said from his hiding place next to the couch. He was pushing his nose forcefully against the arm to mask the smell, which was much milder than Sulu would have expected.

"He's just a baby," Sulu said, carrying Va'es and the care package to a patch of floor and digging for toys.

"Mushroom bowl! Mushroom bowl!" Sochya clapped, plopping down in front of Sulu.


"Fuck, Spock," Jim moaned. He was bent over their bed, hands splayed out in front of him as Spock sank deep into the heat of his core.

With a growl, Spock thrust, dragging razor-sharp nails across Jim's back --painting sharp, red tracks over golden skin. His cock shook as he came, thrusting harder and faster through the intense pleasure, filling his mate until it was slicking the way. So wet and slippery as he was fucked open.

Moaning with lust, Jim's arms collapsed, pitching him forward as Spock held him up.

The pace was brutal, pounding his mate into the mattress. Spock hissed as his body clenched through another wave of unimaginable need. Heat and sex crackled across their skin and through their bond as Spock drank in the sound of his mate. The smells and the taste across his tongue.

He was forced to close his eyes or be overwhelmed. He could barely think through the haze. Half remembering to reach around his companion to strip both their controls to nothing until they were gasping and cumming together in blind passion.

After a time Spock was unable to measure, his hips still rocking weakly against his mate's hole, he recovered enough to place soft kisses over shoulders damp with sweat as he rearranged them fully on the bed.

"My eyes won't focus," Jim mumbled, snuggling back into Spock's arms. "Like, It's this blurry double vision that goes wonky just as I get them to cooperate. There they go again," he giggled.

"I see."

"Hm." Jim squeezed around him, coaxing a firm thrust. "Nothing ever slows you down when we do this, does it?"

"I only await your consent to proceed."

"Oh, you have it, Babe. Forever and always, fuck me stupid."

"'Babe'?" Spock asked, leaning up and beginning a steady rhythm, sex pumping against Jim's relaxed hole.

"Fine then, fuck me stupider. See how brainless you can make me with nothing but your cock."

"I believe the appropriate phrase here is: 'Challenge accepted'."


"Alright, gimme a second." Sulu handed The first baby-safe thing he could find to Va'es, and went to hunt for the requested toy. After a moment, he began to get worried. "I'm not sure it's here, Sochya, you may have to wait until tomorrow to play with that one."

"No. I saw Daddy pack it. Mushroom bowl."

Sulu scratched his head, at a loss. He'd looked through the admittedly large bag twice and hadn't found anything that resembled mushrooms or bowls. With a shrug, he decided the best way was to just unpack the whole thing. "Okay, I'm going to need your help then, Kiddo."

"Yes!" Sochya rearranged himself as if to climb into the bag and help before he thought better or it.

"Okay. So, what do we call this?" Sulu asked, holding up a case of recyclable diapers.

"Ew, those are yucky."

"Nuh-uh. They haven't been used yet, so they're clean diapers not yucky."

Sochya just made a face.

Wrinkling his nose right back, Sulu set the diapers aside and pulled out a blue thermal case."And this?"


"That's right. It is food, and what do we do with food?"

"Eat it!"

They went through the contents of the bag one by one, naming each thing as they went. When Chekov returned, he joined them; laughing at some of the names Sochya had for his things.


"Not blocks?" Chekov asked, chuckling.

"No. They're towers."

When Sulu pulled out crayons, paints, papers, and all three were called 'drawings,' Chekov could barely contain himself.

"Oh, Little Malysh, you are most adorable when you are speaking."

"You talk funny," Sochya grumped, crossing his arms.

"That's because Chekov has what's called an accent," Sulu said grinning.

"I do not." Chekov pouted

Sochya giggled. "His accent is funny."

"It can be, yes. Isn't that right Chekov."

"Maybe," Chekov admitted, smiling despite himself. He looked all the world to be fighting the urge, but he was no match for The Cuteness to be Reckoned With.

Sulu pulled the next toy out, this time it was apparently the one Sochya had wanted because he proceeded to shout 'mushroom bowl' over and over.

The toy itself was a set of brightly colored tops and a small ring to spin them into. Sulu had done some top fighting when he was a boy, but he was at a loss to explain where Sochya had come up with this particular name.

"I told you."

"You did tell me." Sulu smiled, handing it over for Sochya and Chekov to play while he tidied up the guts of the diaper bag.


Jim arched as he came. His cock, red and heated with blood, jerking and pulsing in Spock's fist. "Oh, fuck me."

"I believe I just did," Spock purred, settling down against his mate's chest.

"Don't pull out just yet," Jim asked, holding Spock in by his hip.

"No, I find you much to comfortable a have to relinquish at this time."

Jim snorted, "Really? That's what you're- Oh, that's good."

"This?" Spock asked innocently, extending his penile-bone so he could withdraw it again.

"Ungh, yeah, that," Jim breathed. He arched wantonly, clenching greedily at Spock's flaccid dick. "Feels just right when I'm this sensitive."

Spock hummed, pushing in and out.


"You are capable of orgasming again?"

"Not even kind of, it just feels nice, and you're welcome to cum if you like."

"I am satisfied with the current level of stimulus."

"And if I want to see you cum again?"

Spock shivered.

"Watch you come apart from this. From me."

"Yes." It took some concentration to hold fast as he fucked Jim with only his penile bone, resisting the urge to pump his hips, but the way Jim moved for him was worth it: panting and trembling with residual lust. His eyes fluttering. His fists grasping. Jim sighed and moaned as Spock took his fill. "You... Jim."


"You are beautiful."

"Oh, am I now?"

"Yes. I lack words to describe what you do, how I feel."

"'How you feel?'" Jim gasped and his cock jumped. Spock gave it an affectionate squeeze.

"When I am with you, I feel more than I can imagine. I couldn't deny this. This simple feeling."

"Oh god, Spock..." Jim grunted. "I wish... please, again. I want to see you."

"Jim." Spock stared into Jim's gaze, extending his cock to full length and giving in to the urging need Jim drew from him so effortlessly.

Egged on by Jim's moans and clenching squeezes, Spock didn't last, nor did he want to. In moments, he was burying himself deep within his mate and cumming with such force his mind flew to meet Jim's entwining them in a private world of bliss.


"Alright, bedtime," Sulu said.

"Aww." Both Chekov and Sochya turned pleading eyes up at him.

"No, come on."

"But, Hikaru. It is not being that late."

"Pavel," Sulu laughed. "I already let you stay up an extra ten minutes."

"But, but-"

"Please Uncle Sulu," Sochya begged.

"Alright. You can keep playing while I put Va'es to bed, but as soon as I'm done it's time for little Russians and Vulcans to go beddy-by."

"Yay!" Sochya cheered while Chekov pouted.

Va'es was already fussing from fatigue as Sulu hefted luggage and baby over his shoulder and carried both into the study expansion all married officers got. For tonight, they'd converted it into a makeshift nursery. Two cribs already set for their charges to sleep in.

"Alright, Kiddo. Let's get you a drink so you can get some sleep."

Va'es stared placidly back at him.

With a mental shrug, Sulu nestled him in the crook of his arm and reheated one of the bottles of formula provided. It only took a second and the food was ready.

"There you go, drink up," Sulu murmured.

Va'es suckled quietly, blinking up at Sulu as he drank his fill. Making tiny little humming noises between mouthfuls.

Sulu chuckled, rocking from foot to foot and making every silly noise he could think of at the baby in his arms.

Ever the quiet child, Va'es quickly finished his drink, spitting the nipple out and looking up at Sulu expectantly.

"You know what's coming, don't you." Lifting Va'es against one shoulder, he gently massaged Va'es back until he heard a soft, hiccuping sound. "There you go, all done." Sulu laid Va'es out in his crib, wrapping him in an inexpert but serviceable 'baby-burrito' before returning to his other two charges.

"Uncle Sulu!" Sochya chirped, scrambling to his feet and tumbling into Sulu's legs.

"Oof!" Sulu gasped, with an exaggerated stagger. "You're strong, Kiddo. All ready to go to bed?"

"Uh-huh." Sochya nodded.

Chekov looked like he wanted to complain from the other side of the room, but he kept quiet.

"Okay, Kiddo, up we go." Sulu hefted Sochya into his arms and carried him into the nursery.


T'hy'la. Spock's mind hummed with the katra of his mate.

Yeah, Love? Jim as well, was purring contentedly. Mind hazy with endorphins save the path of the bond connecting them which was clear and strong as ever.

I have no messaged, merely wished to convey my love for you.

Jim's happiness lit the space between them at that. We don't meld like this often enough.

We rarely have the time to foster such a deep connection successfully.

Yeah, but it's worth it. Jim purred, his mind stirring at the more lustful impulses of Spock's. 'The mind is willing, but the body is weak.'

That is no problem here. Humor colored Spock's mind as he joined with Jim, caressing and fondling memories and emotions. Lust growing in thick, salty tendrils around them. The bond between them throbbing.

Jim could feel himself panting outside their small world, Spock's hard cock fucking deep inside him again, but it was a distant sensation to the building need in his head. Spock, faster.

Both the sensations in his ass and his mind galloped onward, dragging him, the willing captive, closer and closer to Spock's mind.


A distant snarl as a flood of wet heat filled Jim's mind, floating him up and over the crest of his own orgasm. Soft cock, spitting pitifully as he rode it out, continuing well past his usual tolerance as Spock carried them through it.

Jim plunged happily back into his own body, trembling and gasping for air. "Oh, god. I just. Ung. Do that again. Right now," Jim demanded.

Spock blinked, startled at his mate's atypical stamina, but complied, aligning his fingers across Jim's face and churning their minds' lusts rapidly to another peak, holding them at the top of that swell as long as he could, amid Jim's screams of pleasure.


"I do not think we should be having kids," Chekov said sadly when Sulu came back into the main rooms.

"What? I thought we did a great job."

A scoff. "You did great job. You took care of them while I just played with them. When I wasn't making them sick."

"Pasha." Sulu wrapped an arm around Chekov's shoulders, bringing them both to sit on the floor between the detritus of the night's play. "You did a great job. You kept Sochya entertained when I needed to put Va'es to bed. You didn't freak out when Va'es spat up on you. You did great helping Sochya with words when he couldn't remember. Despite them not being your specialty to begin with," Sulu said fondly.

Chekov hummed, laying his head on Sulu's shoulder. "I do not think I could do this full time. What Captain Kirk and Mister Spock do... I am not 'cut-out' for raising childrens. You were right."

"No, Pasha. I was just scared. You'd make a great dad. We both would."

Chekov remained silent.

Quietly, Sulu gave his shoulder another squeeze. "We'll talk more about it in the morning. Let's get this all cleaned up."


The next morning, Chekov was feeding Sochya while Sulu changed Va'es' diaper when the chime arrived on the door.

"They're early," Sulu said, checking the chronometer.

"Is only fifteen minutes. Captain missed his little Malysh."

Sochya giggled when Chekov gave him a tickle.

Leaning to the side, Sulu managed to hit the door activation without moving too far from the makeshift changing table. "Hey, didn't expect you quite so soon. We're still packing up."

"On, don't worry." Jim couldn't have looked more well fucked if he's been carrying around a flashing neon sign. "Spock was getting antsy, figured you wouldn't mind if we came and helped out with the last bit."

"I was not 'antsy'," Spock huffed, but moved quickly to take over for Va'es' Diaper.

Sulu just shrugged, joining the others at the table.

"They weren't too much trouble?"

"Not at all. Had a bit of an adventure with some spit up, but they were just angels."

Sochya preened at the praise before asking, "Daddy, what's an 'Angel'."

Jim laughed, "It means you were very well behaved."

"Oh. Good." He nodded, looking back to Chekov and opening his mouth expectantly. Chekov complied, complete with whooshing Space-ship noises.

Jim barely contained a laugh, looking at Sulu for an explanation. He got a, 'Don't look at me,' expression.

Fed, dressed and packed, the two little guests left with their parents in tow. As soon as the doors closed, Chekov collapsed in a heap on the couch. "We will be never having kids. Ever."

"But Pasha." Sulu wheedled. "You were so good with them."

"It is too much work. I am never having so much stress. What if I dropped one?"

"They bounce."

Chekov gave him a look of utter horror.

Rolling his eyes, Sulu joined his husband on the couch. "I'm kidding. You won't drop them. Trust me. I think we could do it. You've convinced me. I want kids too."

"Well, I don't!"

It was six months and several more 'sleepovers' before Chekov's biological clock started ticking again, and it wasn't from anything Sulu could have predicted.
13th-Jun-2012 03:38 am (UTC)
Ooooh, what's the mystery of Chekov's biological clock? Can't wait to find out! All of that sex... Jim and Spock should be well and truly fucked - both literally and figuratively! How about twins this time? LOL
13th-Jun-2012 03:42 am (UTC)
No twins just yet, Next part I have planned is for 6 months ahead of this one, so you'll find out about that soon ^.^ assuming I can manage to focus long enough to write it, but it won't hopefully be quite so long as this. Which will help my ADHD XP

Though mostly, I couldn't figure out a good way to end this one, so I just stuck in a derpy pseudo-cliffhanger XP
13th-Jun-2012 05:49 am (UTC)
Oh, I know all about ADHD! My mother and brother had/have ADD; my ex-husband (and his siblings) and our son and even my best friend have ADHD. (I'm surrounded! ;-) Good luck with the concentration-distraction issue. I know how hard it is! As for this ending... well, now you've created expectations, so you have to follow through on them! LOL
13th-Jun-2012 05:52 am (UTC)
Damn me XD Well, guess it's back to the grindstone XP But first, gotta finish my build for this Minecraft Contest XP

I'm EXTREMELY ADHD. I know plenty of people who say they're ADHD, but with a bit of support and proper diet and sleep they overcame it. Well, no, you just had crappy diet and sleep patterns. I'm actually ADHD. It doesn't go away no matter how healthy my habits. I take Concerta, and it works SO well, but it's still not perfect. That's just how it is. /rant
13th-Jun-2012 06:22 am (UTC)
Oh, believe me, I know you can't overcome ADHD or ADD! In the past, I've had people who claimed that their children had ADHD. I'd introduce them to my son or my best friend and they learned the reality in a hurry! My son's teen years, adding hormones and normal teen rebellion into the mix, especially were hell on earth. As with everything else, there are varying degrees of ADHD and ADD, of course, and there are things that can be done to help, but there's no 'cure' and people don't 'outgrow it' (though, they will outgrow the hormone craziness!).

Good for you for taking meds, too. I've had my son on them and my ex took them (Ritalin), but both have stopped. They seem to have developed coping mechanisms and careers that work for them, as has my best friend. My mother nor my brother have ever taken them. My mom's passed away now, so she can't anymore. My brother needs to very badly (along with intense counseling for other issues), but will never do so though he knows he should. His life is a misery of his own making.
13th-Jun-2012 06:26 am (UTC)
That sounds... so very much like every single person in my family... *sigh* Though I'm the only one QUITE this ADHD, everyone has some kind of focus problems. I also think both my parents have a mild degree of Aspergers. Then add to that my father's a homophobic bigot and well... there's a reason I'm moving...
13th-Jun-2012 06:45 am (UTC)
I've given up on my brother... literally, and thank God I don't live with him! My mother was a sweet, kind woman who couldn't sit through a movie if her life depended on it and I loved her despite it. She had a physical job that worked well for her, so she had a happy life. My ex... well, there's a reason he's my ex. My son is doing very well now, is married and has two daughters, neither of whom appear to have inherited the ADHD.

Sounds like your family have some major mental health issues, but you seem to have your act totally together. Moving out is probably the best thing for you to do for your own sanity. As I said before - life's too short. Surround yourself with as many people who make you smile or laugh or feel good about yourself as you can find and it'll be a good life. :-)
13th-Jun-2012 06:49 am (UTC)
Wow... thank you. Really. You're the first person EVER who's said any of that to me. Who hasn't told me I'm making some colossal mistake by not trying to "patch things up" with them.

Thank you. That totally made my day. And is something I was kind of in desperate need of hearing XP
15th-Jun-2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Hon, only someone who's tried living with a family member(s) who is a lost cause (for 56 years, now!) can understand. Really, you need to minimize contact as much as possible (though, I don't recommend cutting them out of your life completely - just mostly :) to prevent an impulsive use of large knives or guns.... When you're out on your own, you can be the creator of your own peace - both internally and externally. Don't let ANYONE steal that from you. As I said before, life is too short for that kind of craziness. Move ASAP and then enjoy!
15th-Jun-2012 12:27 am (UTC) - It's Time for girl!!!!
I love this story!! I vote for little girl with blonde hair and green eyes.
15th-Jun-2012 01:20 am (UTC) - Re: It's Time for girl!!!!
lol XD and you have successfully added another scene to this fic XP a short one. Dunno when I'll get to it. Still frantically working to keep up with my contest. I love this verse, and what other people think of this verse ^.^
17th-Jun-2012 03:03 am (UTC) - Re: It's Time for girl!!!!
We need good old family Christmas on Earth with whole family together both sides!!! Spock Prime and Tpau must attend!!! A tree Jim wrap in Red Bow and chocolate sauce. Holding a sign with following message: We are having twins!! Bones needs to join: I love getting knocked up club!!!
18th-Jun-2012 01:14 am (UTC) - Re: It's Time for girl!!!!
Lol XD Bones isn't likely to be having any more kids anytime soon, but we'll see. As for a big family reunion... I should see about that... though it may not be quite what you're expecting...
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