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chibinecco's journal
he's working on it
9th-Aug-2012 03:09 pm
Puddle of Goo
I need one. I'm relatively certain I've been having a panic attack since I woke up, but I haven't a safe place to just freak the fuck out. I'm experiencing all the physical strain of a melt down, without the catharsis of a good old-fashioned heaving, wracking sob-fest. I'm stuck in this emotional limbo. It feels like I've been awake, faffing about, for HOURS; but it's only three in the afternoon.

Something's gonna give, and I don't know what'll happen when it does... I want to get out of here. I want to leave and never have to look back. I want a shoulder to cry on, to tell me I'll make it, that I'm safe. I wanna go home; but I have no home and no shoulder to go to.
10th-Aug-2012 12:03 am (UTC)
Yep, is a panick attack. So, if you don't have a real reason for feel it, is UNREAL. Is like been freaked out by the monster beneath the bed; we both know that that monster DOESN'T EXIST.

Plus, fear and meltdown are freakin' real, because they making you uncomfortable and desperate. It sounds like contradiction? nope.

I cannot give you a shoulder to cry on, from this distance...but I can hear/read you. Some time, before, you felt desperate or angry...and you fought against that feeling, keeping in mind that feeling fear was not bad.
Is almost the same as an...awkward boner in the church -for say something, sumimasen for the comparison- it will pass.
Try to DO NOT THINK; go and see a comic movie.
Also, scientific definition of the words "FU", by dear Carl Sagan...

nartayalar terayan.
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